About me...

I'm a husband, father, ardent futbol supporter (come on you Tottenham Hotspurs!) and a recent transplant to suburban Colorado. After spending 20+ years in Los Angeles, helping commercial film directors bring their visions to life as a Location Scout & Manager (and fighting traffic on the 405), I have found a new home here in Longmont, Colorado at the foot of the majestic Rockies -- a constant source of inspiration and eye candy. 

I love getting to know my subjects, whether they are people, places or products, and capturing moments. The ability to capture something truly special with my lens --

a keepsake of the time, the place, the smells, the sounds, how it all made you feel -- is one part knowing what to expect and one big part magic. I relish getting to know each of you, your home towns and neighborhood parks, your favorite scenic backdrops, your simple pleasures, the things that make you tick, and strive to conjure up that magic, to bring to life a photograph that will remind you for a lifetime of that moment. 


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